Chinese cities are buying these $93,000 “mist cannons” to shoot pollution from the sky

This is a good news for China, but they might not actually work. Since a vacuum-cleaner artist turned Beijing’s smog into bricks and becomes quickly famous on the internet, the Chinese government is trying do deal with this problem.

brickWang Renzheng, a Chinese performance artist better known as Nut Brother, with the industrial vacuum cleaner he uses to suck up smog. Photograph: Tom Phillips for the Guardian

brick 2Nut holds up a brick containing dust and pollutants he vacuumed from the air in Beijing.

As the latest coal-fuelled “airpocalypse” engulfed northern China, Nut Brother hit the streets of Beijing hoping to raise awareness of his country’s deadly smog crisis. For the last 100 days, the activist has used the industrial appliance to extract dust and other lung-choking pollutants from the city’s atmosphere before transforming them into a dark brown “smog brick”.

“I want to show this absurdity to more people,” Wang, 34, said on Tuesday as pollution levels in the Chinese capital soared to levels 40 times higher than those deemed safe by the World Health Organisation.

“I want people to see that we cannot avoid or ignore this problem [and] that we must take real action.”

brick 3

This photo show a pedestrian in Beijing amid high level of air pollution. Photograph: Mark Schiefelbein/AP


Particle pollution levels hit 976 in Beijing suburbs

Traffic is to be reduced by 30 per cent, heavy vehicles will be banned from the roads, construction sites are shut and kindergartens and schools are recommended to be closed. The city is in ‘red alert’, issued due to the blanket of humid, still air expected to shroud Beijing for at least three days.

Despite warnings asking residents to limit their time outdoors, by early morning hundreds of people, including toddlers, had packed Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising ceremony.

China is using these expensive cannons to fight smog, but probably they will not solve the problem.


Fabio Evangelista is a Brazilian writer.

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