The Trend for Sleeping Pods Hotels in Japan Spreads over China

Does the Hati’s Empire already started?


It seems people in Japan love to engineer all the weird fictional stuff they see in United States’ cartoons, shows, movies and games. Japan’s Capsule Hotels looks like they were the sleeping arrangement in the movie 5th Element, while the Hati’s Hive dorms looks more like the image below.


Here is the cells in Hati’s dorms that I made on Minecraft. Scroll down for video.


But concerning about Japan’s Capsule Hotels, they are known for providing the same amenities you can find in your local morgue, this type of ‘hotel’ became a good alternative to guests looking for nothing more than a place to sleep.  Definitely a cool thing to try if you want to pretend you’re a bee, or if you want to put the size of your apartment into perspective.



China’s minute capsule hotels are gleaning popularity with young travellers due to their very affordable price tags. The Space Capsule hotel, in Taiyuan, in the Shanxi province, is one of many to open up in China, after the trend for sleep pods began in Japan, decades ago.


Each of the pokey rooms measure a mere 4.3 feet by 6.6 feet. The 5,200 square-foot building consists of 86 fibreglass capsules in nine rooms, each named after star signs to reflect the space theme.


Along with a simple bed, the rooms contain a mirror, television, smoke detector, coat hook and fold-down computer desk.1Each is also equipped with is a plug socket, smoke detector and a fan.There’s a wireless network for those who wish to stay connected, and even a selection of soundproofed capsules reserved for people who snore.

According to Chinese newspaper, Xinhua, the hotel manager Xu Meijang was inspired to open the unusual business by the popularity of sleep pod hotels in Japan and by the number of generally young travellers requiring an affordable night’s stay in the area.



And here is my video from “The Hive“, the Hati Imperial City from book Myra-Hati, made block by block on Minecraft. The scenario shown is supposed to be the same as the book’s cover. The video was adapted from another one that I made for advertising my book before being published on USA. That’s why the chosen musics weren’t replaced. Others songs require new video editions, so I decided stay with the original one and just adapt a few things. The video is a little dark – I guess that it was a definition problem with the program that I used, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Fabio Evagelista is a Brazilian writer.

Crossed Paths is the first book of the Myra-Hati trilogy, an epic adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, for the lovers of sci-fi / fantasy genre. This is the author’s first work published in America.

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