Unbelievable Microscopic Images

Selection of the most artful, scientifically enlightening and skillfully produced images for the Small World microscope photography contests. This is the MicroCosm, and it’s so impressive as the Cosmos itself.



Butterfly Eggs On Mistletoe3

House Spider4

Blood-Brain Barrier Of A Zebra Fish Embryo5

Drosophila Larva Gut6

Fruit Fly Larvae7

The Mineral Cacoxenite8

Embryonic Mouse Limb9

Fruit Fly Retina10

Carnivorous Bladderwortlife 1

Bat Embryolife 2

Desmids Mandalalife 3

Lily Flower Budlife 4

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblastslife 5

Brother Bugslife 6

Phantom Midge Larvalife 7

Mouse Tail Whole Mountslife 8

Head And Legs Of A Caddisfly Larvalife 9

Grains Of Sandsand

Green lacewing Larva1

Mosquito Heart24

Silverberry Scaly Hair Whole Mount Nikon-Small-Word-fotografias-microscopicas-32-838x472

Collapsed Bubbles From An Annealed Experimental Electronic Sealing Glass Nikon-Small-Word-fotografias-microscopicas-33-838x472

Thale Cress Anther 2

18 Days Old Double Transgenic Mouse Embryo 3

Structural Proteins In Mouse Cells 4

Fresh water Rotifer Feeding Among Debris 5

Mangrove Leaf6

Lung Cell In Mitosis (5 Different Structures) 7

Endothelial Cells 8

Larva Of Pleuronectidae 9

Cross-Section Of Very Young Beech 10

Fossil Fusulinids In Limestone 11

Elastic Fiber Bundleelastic

Multiple Exposure Of A Knitting Machine Needle 12

Gold Residue And Gold-Coated Bubbles In Glassy Matrix 13

Crystals Of Influenza Virus Neuraminidase Isolated From Terns 14

Live Water Mount Of Hydra Viridissima Capturing Daphnia Pulex 15

Formalin-Fixed Whole Mount Of A Spiral Nematode 16

Suctorian Attached To Stalk Of Red Algae, Encircled By Ring Of Diatoms 17

Larvacean Within Its Feeding Structure Dyed With Red Organic Carmine 20

Gold Vaporized In A Tungsten Boat 21

Stalked Protozoan In A Filamentous Green Algae With Bacteria On Its Surface 22

Marine Diatom, A Colonial Plankton Organism23

Eye And First Segments Of Cinnabar Flat Beetle1

Parasitic Wasp 2

Butterfly Tongue 3

Chewing Lice Of Common Buzzard

Head Of A Mosquito 5

Cricket TongueEclairage en fond noir combiné avec l'illumination de Rheinberg, x 40, Canon EOS450D 12 millions de pixels.

Female Of Varroa Destructor (Parasitic Mite That Attacks The Honey Bees)An adult female of Varroa destructor, a mite parasiting the honney bee (Apis mellifica). Frontal view, on the head of a bee nymph. Scale : mite width ~ 2 mm Technical settings : - focus stack of 32 images - microscope objective (Nikon achromatic 10x 160/0.25) on 100 mm extension tubes + adapter

Another Image of Varroa Destructor11

Lacewing Head8

A Deep-Sea Copepod  9

A Spider’s Posterior Spinnerets With Silk Gland Spigots 10 

Inside the Human Body

Red Blood Cellshuman 1

Regular Hairhuman 2

Neurons Nethuman 3

Human Hair Cell Stereocilia Inside The Earhuman 4

Retinal Blood Vesselshuman 5

Taste Bud On The Tonguehuman 6

Surface Of A Toothhuman 7

Red Blood Cells (The Cell In The Middle Is A White Blood Cell)human 8

Inner Surface Of The Lunghuman 9

Warped Lung Cancer Cellshuman 10

Surface Area Of The Guthuman 11

Human Egg Sitting On A Pinhuman 12

Sperm Trying To Fertilize An Egghuman 13

Five Days After The Fertilization Of An Egghuman 14

6 Day Old Human Embryohuman 15


Fabio Evagelista is a Brazilian writer.

Crossed Paths is the first book of the Myra-Hati trilogy, an epic adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, for the lovers of sci-fi / fantasy genre. This is the author’s first work published in America.

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