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2015_06-24, TTBLG - Discount 25%Through the Broken Looking Glass 

This book combines the perspective of the author with the experience of leaders on the cutting edge of science and spirituality. The book focuses on materialism and duality as the cause of all the problems that currently exist in the world. Much in the tradition of J.D. Salinger and Mark Twain the book follows the author on a journey that begins with a wrong turn that takes him down a road he never knew existed.


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2015_4th of July_Mission for All Mankind

The Mission for All mankind

This science fiction superhero novel targets the inquisitive mind. If you savor imagination and desire to learn more about the Superpowers of truth and light in order to save the Universe Ms. Smith delivers.

In this story, Michael of Nebadon is assigned to a mission to do the will of his all-powerful father, Bushu (supreme ruler of the 7 Super universes). Success of Michael’s mission will earn him complete and total rule over the local universe of Nebadon.

2015_4th of July_GOS

The Gift of Sight

On the outskirts of the Wicklow Mountains in a small town like many others known to the locals as Glendalough, lives a poor farmer named Peter McGuiggan and his teenage daughter Aislinn.

She encounters shadow wolves and sorcery and works to restore peace in the mountain glen where she resides.


2015_4th of July_Siege of the Small World

Siege of the Small World: The History of the Small World
The Southern Plains became dependent on trade with the North Groves. Each had their own areas of expertise and each had come to rely on the other for their survival. But for some unknown reason this vital trade came to an abrupt halt. The Dwarfs no longer came to the south to trade. Most believed the Dwarfs of the north couldn’t be trusted.

Were they trying to starve out the south? Were they trying to increase the price for their goods? Where were they? What game were they playing?

2015_4th of July_And the Dead Shall Rise

And, the Dead Shall Rise
With a fresh literary voice and an otherworldly perspective, M. Frederic Jennings has splashed into the horror genre of contemporary fiction with his latest blood soaked tome, “And the Dead Shall Rise.” Udo Henkman is a man who has made his way to heaven, only to forlornly discover, his family hasn’t. So what went wrong? Try the fact that after Udo’s early exit from the earthly realm, his wife and son rebel against the Lord they all use to worship together and plunge into sinful waywardness. His youngest, a little girl and the apple of Udo’s eye, hasn’t yet, but as with the rest of the family, now an even greater obstacle has presented itself in the form of a worldwide, extinction level earthquake. And worse yet, set free in the cataclysm from their earthen dungeons at  the same  time are  Satan, his  demonic  lieutenants  and hordes of zombies to serve them.

2015_4th of July_TVM

The Victorious Mindset

It is a simple complete powerful system of steps to show you how to go from victim to victory, from scarcity to abundance, from a life you hate to a life of extraordinary happiness and freedom. You will learn how to take your limited beliefs and create unlimited belief’s where all things are possible.

You will learn how to create an extraordinary victorious mindset of abundance to attract others to the person you become! You were created for an extraordinary purpose, for there is only one you. Here is the system that will be your roadmap to the life you’ve only imagined!

2015_4th of July_Affliction


Seanna Burges wakes up five hours late to the sound of breaking glass and gunfire on the eighth and final day of her work stretch. Her work partner Ronny Bowen knocks at her door and verifies the occurrence of some virus that is fatal and yet causes those infected to rise again.

Circumstances lead Seanna to a couple of simultaneous encounters that will perhaps help or harm humanity forever- especially since this course was set to happen decades ago.

2015_4th of July_SLASI

Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign Title.
Women have to say yes to this book. Any woman. Every woman. There’s a right action, a discourse for every wrong. The content between the covers of Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses is one of those right actions, coming later in life; sustaining mental health and maintaining dignity arising from child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence through the perfected and written word. This valuable work is highly creative and beautifully written, for such a vile topic. This is the ultimate domino theory in reverse, setting them back up after having toppled in the worst of circumstances in the dirty little game of life called family secrets. “Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses,” is a shaving of interpretive minimalism, encapsulating a surreal atmosphere with vivid free-flowing imagery reinforced by a reflective, introspective voice that raises abuse, assault and violence awareness.

2015_4th of July_The Adrian Trilogy

To Be His Soulmate (The Adrian Trilogy Book 1)

Adrian has the gift of sight. And, she s been stricken with the same lucid dreams for years. A man, a woman, eternal love and then complications. In walks Christian. In walks salvation.

The Adrian Trilogy begins with, To Be His Soulmate. This is a lustful vampire novel readers can feel and it delivers the grit of vampirism true aficionados expect.


2015_4th of July_The Shadow Zone

The Shadow Zone

A lot of things happened in back rooms, dark corners and out of the way places before the civil authorities became involved. Even when a young girl walked into the Department of Police to report an incident involving a corporate vehicle, it wasn’t readily apparent that anything other than a routine accident investigation was necessary. A surveillance photograph taken at the time provided a crucial link to a gigantic desert menace called, “The Shadow Zone.” . . . this was only the newest incident in a long war between shadows. An intriguing novel.


2015_4th of July_TACT 27

Tact 27
Chief Vernon Willis of the DC Police Dept., confirmed the existence of a secret group of investigators working within his department. This clandestine group, known as the Tactical Unit, has been long suspected of acting in shadow with little or no supervision with the assigned officers free to carry out their investigations with impunity.

This is an action-packed special investigators police procedural drama set in the Nation’s Capital of the United States. TACT 27 shares what might likely be, notes on the inner sanctums of law and its enforcement amidst intrigue, scandal and potentially murder.

This is a book you do not want to miss!

2015_4th of July_Letters from Limbo

Letters from Limbo

Beginning with our author s experience of being diagnosed with cancer and the removal of this cancerous tumor from the third ventricle of his brain, Letters From Limbo is a story of self-discovery.

Review with Phil Force aspects of his personal history which once seemed dark and observe as he finds love for everyone including himself via a reinterpretation of the world.

2015_4th of July_Seasons of Thunder

Seasons of Thunder: Volume I
Introduction to “Seasons of Thunder” by Teedzani Thapelo. The back-story involves Batjibilibili, a well-known writer and newspaper columnist in Gaborone who loves her husband, Ntungamili (a recluse poet consumed with contemplative inertia and angst).

She spends most of her time, with Satjilombe, a Member of Parliament and Senior Minister in the Office of the President. She does not love the politician. He is a complete clod, a goat-herd God that loves pretty women just for fun. She feels dirty and disgusted after making love to him. The story of her life is unraveled against the bedrock of four successive political rulers.

2015_4th of July_Joe's Life Tale

Joe’s Life Tale
This novel tells the life of an ordinary craftsman, coming from Piedmont in northern Italy, who climbed to the top of XVIIth century society, using his particular skills and a dose of luck. In overcoming changes in his life, Joe progresses from producing Genoese black silk to, at last, the important production of arrases. The story is set in the various locations and workshops of John’s life, from his small home town between the Langhe’s mountains in a region called Oltre Tanaro, to Genoa, then to Naples and finally Madrid. The novel is completed with the story of his three children: the first a Spanish Naval officer, the second, his daughter, a brilliant painter, and the third who followed in his father’s footsteps.

2015_4th of July_Skyla's Hat Adventures2

Skyla’s Hat Adventure is an adventure series featuring “Skyla” a young child who experiences life through song, dance and hats!

All music is under original copyright of the author, singer, songwriter – Skyla Spencer. This song list is to accompany the title, “Skyla’s Hat Adventure,” available through DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. (www.donnaink.org) or AMAZON, CreateSpace, etc. CD and book are sold separately through retailers. If you order this CD and want to also get the book – you must order the book separately. A package set is available through the publisher for reduced cost; however, make certain you order the “set” not separates as there are three options to purchase on the publisher’s website.

2015_4th of July_TFBOP

The Fantabulous Book of Poems.

This is whimsical and charming compilation of poetry for children of all ages and parents too!

This educator’s talent is minced with illustrations among the Unsensical, Amusing, Walks of Life and Going Deeper chapters of prose and poetry.


2015_4th of July_MYRA-HATIMYRA-HATI: Crossed Paths

In the second half of the 21st century, the world witnesses the creation of plugs. These are devices created by Japanese scientists, which record the five human senses. With the help of these devices people record their own life experiences in order to relive them at any time and they can share them with others. When shared with a friend or acquaintance, the receiving mind feels the experiences as if they were their own. In a short time these devices become a worldwide phenomenon and that is where trouble begins.

Entertaining and illusive novel.



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