Guest Author Post: Where Does a Story Come From?

KC Grifant


The editors of Electric Spec invited me to write a guest post on the inspiration behind my short story, MASS EXODUS, a speculative tale in which everyone is suddenly granted the power to fly.

I have always been obsessed with flying. I wanted to soar since I was a kid, jumping from the third step of our front porch hoping that sheer willpower would launch me upwards. Dreams of unencumbered flying were the sweetest gift: for a few infinite dream-moments I experienced a buoyancy and freedom that could not be replicated in the waking world.

The germination for MASS EXODUS was a single thought: what if we all had this ability to fly without explanation?

This strange occurrence would be met the way all news today is met: as a collective mass of reactions online. Social media has an unprecedented effect on how we process the world, especially unusual or…

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