the future vehicle is upcoming

As a sci-fi writer, my imagination always is amazed with flying vehicles we see in futuristic movies such like Star Wars, Judge Dredd, The Fifth Element, Blade Runner etc. When I was a kid I believed that those vehicles (that inspired me for creating the Hati transports of my book’s story) would be common when I grew up.

 Judge Dredd (1995)dredd

 Star Wars (original trilogy 1977)original

Blade Runner (1982)

Well, I did growed up and my expectation for seeing one of those flying machines remained restricted only on movies, books and videogames… And then I saw this news:

That most long-awaited form of transport may finally be arriving with California-based Aerofex announcing that it’ll be launching its Aero-X hoverbike in 2017. The Aero-X is designed to carry two people up to a height of 3 m (10 ft) above the ground and reach speeds of up to 72 km/h (42 mph).

aerofexhoverbike-4 aerofexhoverbike-2 aerofexhoverbike

With a pre-fuel weight of about 356 kg (785 lb), the hoverbike can carry loads of up to 140 kg (310 lb) over any any type of surface, state company officials. It’s also expected to run for about 75 minutes on a full tank of fuel. While it’s primarily being designed to be a low-altitude sport and utility vehicle, its developers say it can be adapted for any number of uses.

Now I know that I have to wait just a few years more to see one of those flying around 🙂

See the complete news on:


Fabio Evagelista is a Brazilian writer.

Crossed Paths is the first book of the Myra-Hati trilogy, an epic adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, for the lovers of sci-fi / fantasy genre. This is the author’s first work published in America.



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